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The Origin Of Meme In The World

When the 90s generation likes to boast about how they often interact and play physically with their friends, the generation who were born and raised in the 2000s until now might say that is old and now is the age of digital. It’s true! Younger people really depend on technology quite excessively nowadays. Do you want to express love? Just send the chat sticker. Do you want to get in touch with so many people? Just use live broadcast messages.

Do you want to find out something? Just google it. Now, amid the booming digital platforms and applications that try to answer our daily needs, there is one type of content that is very synonymous with today’s internet usage. Maybe this type of content will be shared by today’s generation in the next 10-20 years with your younger siblings, children, or grandchildren. This one content is used to express someone’s feelings in certain situations, make fun of it, make satire, or give code to a crush. As children these days, you must know the name of internet memes funny, especially the popular memes pic.

Memes on the book “The Selfish Gene”

The word “memes” was first coined by Richard Dawkins in his book entitled The Selfish Gene (1976). In that book, Dawkins talks about the role of genes in biological evolution, namely as replicators. Then, he looked for a suitable word that became the equivalent of genes, namely as a replicator as well, but for cultural (cultural) evolution. That’s where he first mentioned the word meme.

In the book he wrote something like this:

We require a new word for the replicator, a noun that carries the idea of a cultural transmission unit, or even an imitation unit. `Mimeme ‘ originates from the Greek roots, but I wish to transform this word a bit like` gene’. I hope my friends with old school minds can forgive me if I change what it’s actually called.

In short, we can say that memes function like genes in cultural evolution.